Yasir Adnan

Junior technology correspondent at PrimeNews24.com, doing his under-graduation in Computer Science and Software engineering at American International University, Bangladesh. He is an open source enthusiast, gadget freak guy love to blog about latest technological and internet topics.

New virus steals money from your Bank removing its tracks

by Yasir Adnan - on Jan 11th 2012 - No Comments
Zeus SpyEye Cyber Attack

A new version of widely prevalent SpyEye Trojan horse not only steals money from bank accounts — it also covers its tracks by offering false Bank statements. That means when you visit your online bank, there will be no trace of the transactions that the cyber-criminals have undertaken to steal your money. Worse, your balance will...

Google search goes truly social with ‘Search plus Your World’

by Yasir Adnan - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments
Google Personal Search Result

On Tuesday, Google Inc. introduced a revamp version of its flagship search engine, dubbed ‘Search, Plus Your World’, which will add a twist to Web searches by enabling users to search private content of them and their friends have posted and made available to each other privately through the Google+ social network and the Picasa Web photo upload...

Samsung unveils upgradeable, voice and motion-controlled smart TV

by Yasir Adnan - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments
Samsung ES8000 LED TV

At its 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) press event on January 9, Samsung’s president of consumer electronics, Boo-keun Yoon, unveiled the firm’s flagship voice and motion-controlled upgradeable LED television which allows customers to buy and insert “evolution kit” chips into a slot on the back of the TV to...

Survey: 84% of women are annoyed by their Facebook friends

by Yasir Adnan - on Mar 31st 2011 - No Comments
Annoyed Woman

Facebook isn’t such a friendly place for the majority of women, according to a new survey conducted by Eversave, a company that offers daily deals for restaurants, activities and more. A study of 400 women for daily deals company Eversave unexpectedly uncovered more information about participants’ distaste for their friends’...

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