Cyber SpyingIndia on Tuesday denied a claim that its military intelligence had intercepted into emails of U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) that monitors economic and security matters with China. This issue surfaced when USCC has asked for an investigation after hackers posted online a memo purportedly from India’s military, which claimed that the country had intercepted emails of USCC officials with the help of Nokia, Research In Motion, and Apple.

The memo, allegedly from the Directorate General of Military Intelligence, Foreign Division, in New Delhi, said that as India did not have access to the USCC local area network, which was a prime target in connection with arch-rival People’s Republic of China, India had signed an agreement with mobile manufacturers in return for giving these companies access to the Indian market. The memo stated that the military used “backdoors” provided by RIM, Nokia, Apple and unspecified others.

“The documents shown in the memo doing rounds on the internet are forged and don’t belong to us”, Indian Army sources said to Times of India. However, the US has already ordered an investigation into these claims.

“We are aware of these reports and have contacted relevant authorities to investigate the matter,” said US-China Economic and Security Review Commission spokesman Jonathan Weston.

“We are unable to make further comments at this time,” said Weston, who was responding to questions about the alleged memo.