Samsung ES8000 LED TVAt its 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) press event on January 9, Samsung’s president of consumer electronics, Boo-keun Yoon, unveiled the firm’s flagship voice and motion-controlled upgradeable LED television which allows customers to buy and insert “evolution kit” chips into a slot on the back of the TV to augment its hardware profile.

Samsung’s LED smart TV, the ES8000 allows you to control the TV by simply waving your hands or by your voice command, instead of having to use a remote control or touch any buttons. Samsung’s new LED smart TV has a slot at which allows new kit to be added to boost processing performance and add new features. This innovation may help reassure shoppers concerned about their screen becoming outdated.

Samsung’s ES8000 LED TV  is equipped with a dual-core processor which allow users multitask between regular TV, a Web browser and apps like Netflix — all at the same time, without being forced to close down a program.

The ES8000 will have an integrated camera and microphone to allow control by gestures and voice commands. The camera will also make use of facial recognition, logging recognizable users into their own profiles on the TV. It will come in sizes up to 75 inches.

Samsung plans on further developing the selection of apps available for its smart TVs, and noted that there are 25,000 developers working on apps for the platform. Samsung’s ES8000 smart TV supports Samsung’s new service AllShare Play, a cloud service for media that, for example, allows users to upload photos from a phone to a computer that can then be accessed from other devices, including a smart TV.

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s biggest TV maker by shipments, also voiced commitment to its 3D TVs at the CES press event in Las Vegas. ‘Samsung is still investing heavily in 3D,’ said Boo-Keun Yoon, president of the company.

The company also unveiled a device called the InTouch on Sunday, which converts regular TVs into smart TVs. The $199 converter is a low-cost option for customers to add Internet browsing, Skype voice calling and a keyboard remote, without having to buy a new TV.